Kitchen Subway Tile The Classic Backsplash

Kitchen subway tile is a popular classic design that will never be out of date and this will also be one of the most favorite designs for to beautify your kitchen. Generally, the main color of this design is white, but you can always add the other warm colors like brown or even black to give more elegant look. The main material of this concept is painted white bricks, but can also use the alternative materials like porcelain.

Posted on July 28, 2017 Home Decor

The Materials of Kitchen Subway Tile

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As have been said before that the main material to get the perfect look of subway tile in your kitchen is bricks that are painted in white. But you may also find other kinds of materials such as ceramic, high-end granite or even glass. You can determine the type of material that suits you the best by matching it with your budget.

Accents and Stripes for Subway Tile

This concept also comes with a wide range of stripes and accents, but you can also do some modifications by creating your own style. You can choose different colors and place the tile in vertical and horizontal accent. This kind of modification will give the understated striped effect. For the installation, if you are a novice then you need to hire an expert to get the maximal result.