Great Senior Prank Ideas

You may be a senior in a high school who needs senior prank ideas to make your school time become more hilarious and unforgettable. Prank does not mean that you have to do big game and spend much time in the school for your friends or teachers. Even, it is not extreme action which can danger all the stakeholders. These senior prank ideas will inspire you to make fun of your bored class or your lazy teachers. Sometimes, you have bored class in the daytime and think should leave or escape from the class. You should not do that during you have creative ideas to get off from the boring time.

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Creative Senior Prank Ideas as Motivation

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There are so many options of ideas to create your senior prank this year in the internet. Even, you can make it by your own inspiration ideas such flash mob. This is very common action in almost of senior high schools. In this case, you should improve this creative idea with different nuance. What amazing it is when the class is boring and there is sudden dancing in the middle of your class! In addition, the dancers are in unique clothes such aliens in green color with the ball antenna above their head. It will make all the bored students become motivated.

Top Senior Prank Ideas

There is another choice to make your senior prank time with silly action such making block in every way of the school. Actually, it is not such stupid idea to make all the people in the school become angry or annoyed. In this case, you make something fun and make them confused to walk through. You just make big walls of cement blocks in every way. It cannot be denied that it is big action and need much time to do.

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