Flower Pot Ideas For Fresh Decorative Accent

Using the various flower pot ideas you can get both decorative style along with fresh atmosphere given by the flowers or plants as well. Using plants or flowers on pots to do decoration is not a strange thing to do. It even getting more and more popular today due to the fact that there are less open area or green area available especially private front yard or back yard.

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Colorful vs Grassy Flower Pot Ideas

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Colorful style is one popular option regarding the decorating idea using flowers or plants on pots. By carefully selecting the colors of the flowers you can create various different expressions. For example you might use the Echeveria pops with several pieces of Plectranthus surrounding it in lime color. The expression of charm could be seen on this combination. For colorful sweet look try a combination of purple colored Petunias along with pink colored blossoms crown. Yet aside of being colorful you can actually go grassy by skipping the actual piece of flowers. The easy care characteristics of ornamental grasses on pots could be the best choice for busy people to stay fresh in their house.

Potted Flower Ideas Placement

Regarding the use of potted flowers as decorations you have several placement considerations to choose. The common placement is of course on the surface right away. You can simply place the potted plants or flowers in any spot of surface that you want. Another option is to hang them on several spots providing a unique look of the potted plants adding more on the decorative aspect. Other option is to have a kind of built in area for the plants or flowers outside a window or fence for example. Just be sure to pick the spot with sufficient supply of sunlight though for a healthy plants or flowers.